REPLACEMENT FOR PET OR PLA AGRICULTURAL FILMS - AMI is seeking partners in the agricultural [PET and PLA] markets to form Joint Ventures [JVs] that will develop and market / license 100% Biodegradable agricultural films based on our revolutionary biopolymer described in US patent 10662111. In the video to the right Inventor Dr. Daniel DeBrouse demonstrates how easy it is to create 100%-Biodegradable agricultural film that is plowable and can replace PET or PLA based ag films in use today. 

REPLACEMENT FOR "CLAMSHELL" PACKACING FOR BERRY, FRUIT AND/OR PRODUCE PACKAGING  -AMI's patent can also be used to make 100% - Biodegradable "clamshell" packaging to replace PET clamshells for berries, fruits and vegetables. "Clamshell" packaging was invented by Driscoll Farms many years ago and are made from PET plastic that is not recyclable since since the labels [on the clamshells] contaminate" the recycled PET.