Product Benefits.

  • Supplied in powder form  from polymer partners we are seeking.
  • Molded with machines from machine partners we are seeking.
  • For applications ranging from films to bottles to materials.
  • Distributed  by partners we are seeking such as eco minded grocers like Safeway etc.
  • Solvent free, non-toxic processing with no heating or cooling and made at lower cost.
  • Minimal mods to existing production lines for injection molding, injection blow molding, LSR etc.
  • Cure time and pigmentation are adjustable.
  • End products can be fireproof, light weight, breakproof, with shape memory and 100% biodegradable in soil in < 30 days.

Many Types of Products.

  • Plastics  including Agricultural Films, Toys and PET bottle replacement.
  • Auto parts and auto bodies.
  • Tires and rubbers.
  • Paints, Woods, Bricks and  Insulation, cements and tiles.
  • Fireproof Shingles, Wallboard, Wood and Insulation, 
  • Roads and Bridges
  • Rockets, satellites and space materials.
  • Ship hulls and militqary vehicle bodies
  • Furniture
  • Virtually anymaterial can be simulated with our broad, patented and revolutionary biopolymer.